The impact of smartphones on personal photography

I am running a poll on the impact the rise of the smartphone has had on personal photography. I am testing my thesis that the need to carry a separate camera around used to mean that people largely only took photographs on special occasions, but that all that has changed since many of us have had high-quality cameras integrated into our phones.

Please answer the poll below:


Is @PaulBromford on Holiday?



Black Belt in NoCanDo

I was just listening to my music collection on random play (as you do these days in the digital age), and a song I hadn’t heard for a very long time came on; “Whit Week Malarkey” by Half Man Half Biscuit. I love HMHB’s deadpan humorous lyrics. 

There was one line in this particular song that caught my attention

"… I’ve got a black belt in NoCanDo".

It just reminded me of those gatekeepers, the risk-preventers, the nay-sayers, who stand in the way of progress, change and innovation.

It seems to me that a “black belt in NoCanDo” is an essential qualification which some sectors and organisations will use as a measure of whether someone is qualified to progress to a senior level.

Do you know any of these people? While you’re thinking about that, enjoy the song


Less than rubbish Christmas TV

You know Christmas TV is just so rubbish, don’t you?

So, who wants to collaborate with me to make Christmas specials of Newsnight, Question Time, Crimewatch, etc, to be broadcast onine on Christmas Day?


No Circuses, Fairgrounds or Fireworks

I get annoyed this time of year when people keep letting off fireworks unexpectedly. It makes me reflect that I have always been suspicious of forced jollity, and the kinds of things that people think you must enjoy or there is something wrong with you.

I don’t like Circuses, Fairgrounds, or Fireworks. There, I’ve admitted it. I put them in that category of stuff that society says is fun and I disagree. 

As a child I was taken to the circus. I was too young to remember the experience, but, I was told I ignored the acts and was fascinated by the workers changing the scenery. I was never taken again.

I grew up in Nottingham where all my school mates got excited about the annual Goose Fair and couldn’t wait to rush off to it after school. I was dragged unwillingly to it and usually refused to go on any rides.

I don’t get fireworks. It is literally money going up in smoke.

I hope I am not a curmudgeon. I think I know how to have fun. I just don’t like to be told by society that Circuses, Fairgrounds and Fireworks are where fun is at.

I’m thinking of setting up a support group for people like me, who don’t like Circuses, Fairgrounds and Fireworks.


Newport Food Festival 2013

Here are the archives of the live video streams from the Newport Food Festival 2013

Matt Dawkins

Mark Sargeant

Larkin Cen

Dale Williams

Lisa Fearn

Faisal and B. Ahmed


Bromford Future Fifty Event with Mike Ryan (@mikemanchester) 12th September 2013

Here is the archived live stream from the Bromford Group Future Fifty Event with Mike Ryan, Digital Futurist, held on 12th September 2013.


Digital Communities

The Digital Home

Digital Care and Health


Weird Dream

I hope it wasn’t the excellent curry I had in Wolverhampton last night, but I had a number of weird dreams. I am asking my social network to interpret this one for me.


I am the Assistant Manager of Notts County (the football team I support). Ahead of a cup game playing Liverpool at Anfield (which has happened recently), in the dressing room, the Manager is giving his pre-match talk. He turns to me and says “I want you to take the corners”. I say “But I’m not playing”. He says, “Haven’t you heard, the rules have been changed, anyone on the staff can take corners now”. I protest that I have never played football at a decent level, and haven’t had chance to practice. He brushes aside my protestations and tells me he knows he can trust me.

The game starts and soon there is a corner awarded. The Manager walks down the touchline with me to the corner flag. I look down and the ball is flat. I ask for another ball and one is thrown from the dugout. That too is flat, so I ask for another one, Again a flat ball. This keeps happening over and over again, and then I wake up.

What does all this mean?


Using smartphones to be heard in meetings

Today I was at a really excellent meeting. I missed some of it however, as it was held in a noisy cafe and there were 12 or so of us around a big table.

As usual, I got to thinking about a technological solution. In these situations, could we use push-to-talk apps on smartphones to ensure everyone can hear everyone else? To be honest, the apps I have found via google (e.g. http://readwrite.com/2012/05/23/5-push-to-talk-apps-that-turn-your-smartphone-into-a-walkie-talkie#awesm=~oeqGcCvD1QaEVD) don’t look all that user-friendly. 

What I am thinking is that everyone would have a headset attached to their phone using one of these push-to-talk apps. It would effectively turn everyone’s phone into an intercomm. Would this work? Would it be too fiddly and intrusive? What do you think?


What the new Doctor Who means for your Social Media Strategy

Probably nothing at all.