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Electronic devices causing people to use the train rather than their car

communications technology has advanced sufficiently to enable people to leave their cars, in which they could not use hand-held devices or laptop computers, and travel instead by train where they can undertake work (as much as network and wi-fi availability allows) during their journeys.”

Something I’ve been saying for years, but good to see the message reinforced in this article http://blog.railnews.co.uk/?p=164 from Railnews; although I don’t accept that this strengthens the argument for wasting billions on HS2.

Thanks to Andy Mabbett (@pigsonthewing) for drawing my attention to this.


Live streams which focus on audience members

As someone who does live video streaming of events, I’d like to ask your views? What do you think about live streams that continually focus on audience members? Personally I feel a bit uncomfortable about it. People are at a conference not a TV show. I think a quick pan round during applause and focusing on audience-members who are asking questions is fair enough, but I’m not sure about the intrusion that is close-ups of people who might be unaware the camera is on them.


Live internet radio on a Nokia N95

This may be bit geeky and a specialised request but ….

This morning, I’ve been trying to set up an old Nokia N95 phone I have knocking around as a portable internet radio player. In the days when it was my main phone (probably 4 years ago), I know I did listen to internet radio on it. However, it seems to have got a lot more difficult than it was then. The dedicated BBC iPlayer app on it doesn’t do live radio. There is also an internet radio app, but the only BBC station on it appears to be Radio 1, something I stopped being interested in when I was 14. I have lots of links to BBC stations saved on it, but none of them work, as I think they used realplayer streams which the BBC discontinued a few years ago.

After much searching on the antiquated web browser, I eventually found my way to the BBC mobile radio iPlayer site, clicked on a radio station and got it to play. All very good. EXCEPT, that there now appears to be no way of saving the links, so I have to go through a tortuous navigation process every time I want to listen to a radio station.

I don’t suppose anyone out there has solved this issue, have they?


BlueLightCamp Hackathon 2013 #ukblc13 #bluelighthack

All the videos from BlueLightCamp Hackathon 2013 #ukblc13 #bluelighthack


BlueLightCamp 2013

Here are the archived live videos from BlueLightCamp 2013 #ukblc13





It seems my video interview with Nic and Jo of LS14 Trust has resulted in some action in high places locally to find funding to help them continue and extend their services.


LS14 Trust has now received a visit from the Cabinet Office and is working with a housing association on a funding application. Keeping everything crossed for them.


16th May 2013

I have today been informed that LS14 Trust has secured 3 years’ funding for the Digital Lounge. Congratulations to them!

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Feature on BBC Radio 4’s “Woman’s Hour” on Bollywood, featuring Irna Qureshi


Archived Live Stream from #1000Flowers 2013

The archived live streams from 1000 Flowers event held by Addiply in Newcastle on 5th March 2013.

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4 Part 1

Session 4 Part 2


I Hope I Never Stop Learning

Just been listening back to the CommsCamp 13 sessions on Empowering All Staff to Use Social Media. There was an interesting story in there from John King of Shropshire Council about trying to get someone to accept social media who clearly wanted nothing to do with it.

I come across these kinds of people, and I actually think there is a much wider issue here. It is about the attitude and mentality of people who want to go through  their lives learning as much as possible and opening themselves up to new experiences, and those who are actively resistant to change and learning. I think the former category are receptive to social media, both because it is something new and exciting to learn about, and because it provides the channels to enable new learning to take place.

I sometimes despair of the closed-minded people. I think their lives must be very limited. I hope I never stop learning.